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5betsy 2017-02-17 8:48am

Eyes and Taxol chemo
So, I'm cancer free.yay.:koolaid:

But I was on some nasty chemo,most concerning was Taxol.I was told to stay out of the sun, wear sunglasses, etc. Or risk eye damage.

I interpreted that as a 'no torching' time just to be safe. But for how long? A month after chemo?? A year?

It's still cold enough in my studio now that I would wait a few weeks in a normal year.

Speedslug 2017-02-17 11:40am

I don't know Betsy.

But please teach us what you learn.

I am ass u ming it has to do with ultraviolet light but I have no basis for that assumption.

ESC 2017-03-16 6:45am

I have no idea Betsy, but yay, NED! Any way you can message the doc's office to find out the time limit on the stay-out-of-sun thing?

5betsy 2017-03-16 7:04am

I've asked and there is no tried and true standard.

My logical hubby says wait until the tingling in my fingers goes away since that's the taxol too.

It's warmed up enough that I'm itching to light my torch.

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