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RosaGlass 2012-09-13 7:52pm

scummy/dirty looking sugar beads
Hello everyone,
I am having trouble making sugar beads. They turn out scummy and dirty looking. Does anybody have some tips or tricks on how to get your sugar beads clean and nice?
Any information about this issue will be very much appreciated.
Rosa G.

SilverRiverJewelry 2012-09-13 8:17pm

Well, what kind of torch are you using? Is it a hot head or a surface mix torch? What kind/color of glass? How clean is your propane, are you close to the bottom of the bottle?

RosaGlass 2012-09-13 8:47pm

Hello Sonja, thank you for your replay. I am using Messy Color Cranberry Pink and Glass Diversion 96 clear frit size#1.
My torch is GTT Lynx on tanked propane and tanked oxygen.
How clean is my propane? I do not know how to find out about that.
I always try to set up my flame at neutral.
Rosa Grob

Dragonharper 2012-09-14 2:54am

Try opening up your oxy just a bit more. Usually scummy and dirty is an indicator of not enough oxy.

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