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Janetlee 2013-03-14 4:57am

Excellent Customer Service Moretti and More!!!
Moretti and More has a 5 star rating as far as I am concerned.
My order was lost by USPS(even used track and confirmed) and Donelle of Moretti and More took excellent care of me.They replace my order with more glass!!!
Prices are excellent and fast service too.
Thank You Donelle,>=D>=D>=D>=D>
Janet J.

helensharvest 2013-04-21 1:36pm

I once ordered on a Friday night and got my glass Monday at noon, w/ excellent QUICK service! M & M rock!

rosiescreations 2013-04-21 2:28pm

I live in North Carolina and have gotten my glass in 2 days. I love love Bill and Donelle.

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