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Patty Lakinsmith 2015-07-08 9:46am

Mad Science: Electroforming Tutorial
Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know that I've finally come out with a new tutorial, and it's on electroforming! I've decided to share everything I've learned over the last several years, and this is the textbook for my class on this topic. This technique is incredibly versatile, and can take your work to the next level of your imagination. In this 25 page tutorial you will learn:

* How to choose an electroforming design that will succeed.
* Two different ways to set your electroforming equipment up.
* What supplies are needed and why each one is important.
* Where to find supplies and more information on electroforming.
* How to properly seal organic material, and the order of steps required to turn it into a copper object using electroforming.
* How to make beautiful copper acorn pendants (including the bails) using real acorn caps.
* How to troubleshoot your setup if it doesn't work.
* How to tell if there is enough copper built up on your electroformed piece.
* How to use electroforming as a prototyping tool to create unique new designs.
* How to use everyday materials to create a unique sculptural object using electroforming.
* How to turn a copper electroformed item into a silver plated item.

Here's the link to the tutorial in my Etsy shop:

Happy Torching!


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