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sortaflower 2015-02-28 12:53pm

Aqua Metallic Recipe
New lampwork recipe pdf available, Aqua Metallic, find it ready for instant download at
We are now offering a yummy lampwork bead recipe each day, quick and to the point instructions from a growing catalog of our best sellers, only $5 per pdf.

Thanks LE, Dan and I have been torching for 8 years now and your info and friendships have been integral to our success beyond measure.

glvz 2015-02-28 3:29pm

I would like to purchase this but the shopping cart says my order must be $100. Is that the case?


AlisaNielsen 2015-02-28 3:40pm

I too have experienced the same problem. Given we're looking to purchase downloadable PDF's, I'm not sure why there would be this limit. Jenelle - feel free to send me an order list and link for paypal purchasing if that's easier -

sortaflower 2015-02-28 4:58pm

hmm it should not be doing that, let me look into it, be right back =-)

sortaflower 2015-02-28 5:09pm

Thanks for letting me know, should be fixed now. I just added a new recipe file too =-)

sortaflower 2015-03-02 9:03am

Ah-Ha Moment (thank you Christine!) The downloads are available after you pay via paypal, but you must go back to our web site to get the files which are unlocked after you have paid. Look in your account. Thanks! =-) hughug about to upload today's new recipe =-)

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