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Shelley 2005-11-26 10:06pm

Wanted: Reptile/Croc Tutorial
Hi Everyone!
I've recently seen some reptile/crocodile type print beads and would love to know how to do them if anyone is willing to share the technique... I don't want to upset anyone by posting other people's pics, so if you need to see exactly what it is I'm talking about... PM me...


SLY Creations 2005-11-27 9:19pm

Does this help?

hummingbird3172 2005-11-28 8:46pm

Thank you, SLY! I have wanted to know how that was done! :)

Parrotise 2005-12-02 7:52am

Have you seen these?

Shelley 2005-12-09 3:34am

Thankyou kindly!! that's exactly what I want!!!


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