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patienthand 2008-11-10 5:27am

icicles and blown Christmas ornaments tutorial
:pThe tutorial is finally finished and I am sending it by email to those who can receive a 3 meg file. I will have it up on a web page to be downloaded in the next few days.

There are 5 styles of icicles. Three are made with rods and one is blown, and one is made with scrap from blown ornaments. There are four styles of blown ornaments as well as a section on pulling points and straightening them. There is also a section on materials and sources. This is suitable for either soft glass or Boro.

The tutorial is 78 pages long and contains 183 photographs.

There is a lot of information and pictures in this thread

The tutorial is arranged to bring a new glassworker though a series of progresive skills that build towards the more complicated ornaments and is suited for the beginner through advanced flameworker. This is a tutorial you can grow with.

my paypal info and email is and the price of the tutorial is 25.00 dollars.

you may also go to my web page and pay with paypal and download it from the website.

to sweeten the pot, there will be a drawing at the end of november for all those who have purchased a tutorial. I have all of the ornaments and icicles I made while I was preparing and photographing the tutorial. I will pull 3 names from a hat and divide the items between those names and mail them to you.

I hope you enjoy it!!!

Candice king-Palgut

menty666 2008-11-10 6:46am

Sounds lovely, and I like the blown drop you have a picture of there, but why the angry face?

playswithfire104 2008-11-10 6:54am


Originally Posted by menty666 (Post 2187340)
, but why the angry face?

Yeah I was wondering that too.

patienthand 2008-11-10 8:36am

what angry face?.... I am lost.... I am happy as a clam. but famous for typos


patienthand 2008-11-10 8:42am

ohhhhhhhhhhhh.. head smack....duh... fixed it, but have no clue how it originally got there

dang typing gremlins...


Elleth 2008-11-10 8:42am

Candice is this tutorial for boro, soft glass, or both?
It looks like a good one!

patienthand 2008-11-10 8:53am

hi Maggie,

you can use any glass you like as long as the coe of your color matches the tubing.

I learned these with soft glass. In the pictures I showed, the long ornament is boro made with momkas american beauty the red and white stripe is bullseye and 90 coe tubing, I use 90 tubing intended for the sign/neon industry and its lead glass

I have some 104 tubing on its way to play with.

all of the items in the tutorial were made using a minor torch. I do not suggest a hot head for the hollow blown items.


patienthand 2008-11-10 8:54am

oh drat, I cant change it on the header that shows in the main list... anyone know how? Still have no idea how it got there... I dont like angry faces


acmegirl 2008-11-10 8:54am

Yep, still an angry face. You definitely want to change it to a HAPPY face.

I purchased the tutorial last night, received it lickety split and have been drooling ever since. This tut is waaay underpriced-it's got tons of step by step full color pics. Just in time for Christmas and gift-giving.

Be sure to post pics everyone!!! Hooray for Candice!!! Thank you so much!!!! :love:

lavendar420 2008-11-10 9:09am

I just pay pal'd you.. this looks great!

bellavistaglass 2008-11-10 9:15am

Pm'ed you!

theglasszone 2008-11-10 9:57am

I shot you my PayPal payment, too!

If you write Corri a PM and ask her to turn that frown upside down, she may be able to help you out!

Thanks again for all your hard work on this...and for taking care of the fur babies!

DeAnne in CA

patienthand 2008-11-10 10:01am

hi, I called Brent, we are sort of neighbors, and he will fix the frown for me when he finshes the piece he is working on. WHEW!!!!

Mr Smiley is such a sweetie pie, Corri is lucky


Bruna 2008-11-10 10:09am

that looks amazing! =)

theglasszone 2008-11-10 10:10am

Yay!!! I was worried when I saw the sad face - now, it's all smiles!!! :)


theglasszone 2008-11-10 12:09pm

OH MY GOODNESS!!! I got looks incredible! You did such a great job on "pacing" the whole process of learning basics to doing the more complex ornaments - I'm not only impressed, but inspired and hopeful - that this can be accomplished by me!!! :)

It holds plenty of tips and techniques that I'm sure can be useful way beyond just making ornaments and icicles, too!

Thanks so much Candice! I hope you sell a ton of them!!!


merigypsy 2008-11-10 1:54pm

It is a terrific TUT! !!

thanks again for all your hard work!

patienthand 2008-11-10 2:06pm

wow DeAnne,
you are gonna make me blush. I did work hard and tried to put in everything could think of that would be helpful. I am so used to teaching live, and I had to really stop and think, since glass is such a visual thing.I am glad you like the tutorial and thanks for the kind words.


killerbeedz1 2008-11-11 12:43pm

What a great tutorial. You worked you fanny off on this one. Good job!

woozles 2008-11-11 6:20pm

IS this tutorial suitable for..........
soft glass on a hot head. I seem to remember you possting on the other thread that your ornaments were not possible on a hot head.

patienthand 2008-11-11 6:55pm

I do not reccomend a hot head for the blown ornaments if you are using 90 coe neon sign tubing, it is a lead based glass and reduces VERY easily. You may be able to do some of the icicles on a hot head though, if you are using soft glass that doesnt reduce.


pittypat 2008-11-11 8:00pm

One more question..where do you get 104 tubing and what size do we need?
thanks, pat

patienthand 2008-11-12 6:40am has lauscha 104 tubing. If I were going to buy only one size of tubing I would suggest 18mm. The lauscha tubing is hand pulled and your diameters will vary. Order a size as close to 18mm as you can get.

If you are feeling flush and want to order more sizes. I typically use 10mm with matching 10mm ornament caps for the mini ornaments. 15 or 18mm for the medium and long ornaments, and 25mm for the round ornaments. You can make nice round ornaments( but a little smaller) with the 18mm.

Arrow springs does have some 104 clear tubing called chandelier glass. But it is a larger diameter than the 25mm and it is also heavy wall. It might be nice for the round ornaments and make really big ones. I have some ordered but have not tried it myself yet.

hope this helps,


Rose Leslie 2008-11-12 6:40pm

Are you going to have them at the end of the month.That is when I get paid. Oh my I want to do this. Yes.
That looks like so much fun. Oh my. Please let me buy one then.

patienthand 2008-11-13 12:52pm

hi, the tutorial will be available then, no problems. just do the pay pal,and it will be sent. watch the header enail for this thread, the web page is about ready, and you can also pay and download from there


dalilly 2008-11-13 1:36pm

Just downloaded the tut Candice. WOW! How exciting you have put something in there I may just accomplish before Christmas. :fireblob::fireblob: How cool is that?

Thank you for such wonderful detail in your descriptions. Of course you know what I'll be doing this weekend!

Thank You!


patienthand 2008-11-13 5:57pm

hi Linda,
I tried very hard to make the tutorial something you could grow with. Something a novice or an advanced glassworker could get something out of. Thanks for the compliments, and I tried very hard to add all the little details, hints and tips to make it easier for folks.

send some pics in.. I want to cheer folks on and help if needed. And since it looks like I will be having back surgery shortly, I wont be out in the shop myself... boo hoo.


pegz 2008-11-15 5:17am

Wow, that is an awesome tutorial. Thank you so much for putting it together. I have enjoyed reading it so much, I can't wait to try them.

When you are making the round ornaments and have finished fire polishing the cut end, do you put right into a hot kiln? Or do you use tweezers and give the whole thing a warm flame bath first?

I have only worked with boro twice, and the items were small... I apologize if this is a silly question...

..and let me add that yours are just gorgeous I just keep looking at the pictures, wanting to touch them!!!!

patienthand 2008-11-15 9:54am

when I am done fire polishing the end of the blown ornaments, I set them down to cool, and anneal them in a batch later on. Just make sure the hot tip you just fire polished isnt touching anything. I turn my torch down fairly small when i fire polish the end, so I am not throwing a lot of heat into the body of the ornament. I have never had any issue with them cracking, even with soft glass doing this.

I do give em a big all over flame bath right after I make the hook, and before I set them in a rack to cool though.

Hope this helps,


patienthand 2008-11-16 6:28pm

its sunday night and I dont know where my tutorial pictures from the weekend are...... who has been playing and has pics to show?


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