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pegz 2008-11-17 5:52am

Thanks Candice!

patienthand 2008-11-21 6:57am

there is discussion and first pics of folks attempts in the other tutorials area under.... is anyone making an ornament tutorial. dont miss the fun


samandsha 2008-11-22 5:39am

Candice - I just bought the tute. I've been wanting this one and decided today was the
day to work with tubing. What a wonderful tute. Thank you for all your
hard work. I'll be sure and post pics of my attempts. ;-) Samma

playswithfire104 2008-11-22 4:24pm

Thanks so much Candice for the SS gift. I have a bunch of boro tubing so I can't wait to give it a go!

HannahRachel 2008-11-22 5:08pm

Candice: Your tutorial is wonderful. Thank you

patienthand 2008-11-22 6:07pm

thanks everyone for the nice compliments. I am so glad you are enjoying it, and cant wait to see more pictures of peoples efforts. If I can get hubby to get my christmas stuf down for me.. I may even take some pictures of my first or second year ornaments to show you just how pitiful they were.. lololol.


playswithfire104 2008-11-22 6:26pm

This year IS my first year ornaments! As proud of them as I am I bet I feel the same way in a few years!

bead crazy 2008-11-22 9:50pm

Candice sent me a SS gift of this tutorial and all I can say is WOW!!! This is something I have always wanted to do and now I get to try this came at the best time as my DH is out of work and now I can make some christmas presents. This has more than you could ever imagine if you can get this tutorial you will be very happy with it. Thanks again

patienthand 2008-11-24 8:06am


I have had my share of back against the wall years, and te holidays are tough when you are broke. I am so glad that the SS gift has made you happy and given you a way to perhaps make some fo your gifts. I always treasure handmade things.

Be well, and hope things are looking up for you soon.

let me know of you need any help


Wendyki 2008-11-25 10:12pm

Ohh man as soon as I start buying tuts I will have to try this one how cool is that I have wanted to make my own ornaments since I started lampworking :)

patienthand 2008-11-28 1:17pm

dont forget folks, if you purchase a tutorial by sunday, your name will go into the drawing for some of the ornaments made in the tutorial. the demo pieces. I will draw 3 names out of the hat.


patienthand 2008-12-01 8:12pm

And the winners of the ornaments from the drawing are.....

Mary Ilko
Cheryl Maahs
William Noelker

make sure you contact me with your mailing addresses so I can get your package in the mail.


pittypat 2008-12-04 7:28pm

I would like to know if my 90 coe ornaments can go into the kiln with my 104 schedule??
Please tell me yes...Thanks for any help, Pat

patienthand 2008-12-05 4:08pm

the 90 coe sign tubing anneals at 850


patienthand 2008-12-17 9:53pm

anyone willing to strut thier stuff yet?


samandsha 2008-12-19 9:29pm

Sure...I'll start.
First the easy ones. I'm working my way thru the tute and am about 1/2 there.

Here's my biggest ornie to date. Not straight from the tute, but your tute has made me make friends with boro tubing and THAT'S HUGE!

squid 2009-01-02 7:47pm

I really need to try and make something beautiful with my tutorial the way you guys have done

Frit Diva 2009-01-07 3:00pm

Hey Candice~

I was wondering, could you give us some info on the dangers posed by "blow-outs" when blowing soft 104? I keep hearing about this (mostly from folks who are blowing shards) buty I figured with your background in blowing you would be the person to ask for specific info!



patienthand 2009-01-11 8:55pm

hmmmmmmmmmmm.....this is a tough question. and here is my advice... err on the side of caution. Yup, I am an old timer, and tend to do things the old school way, but that isnt always the best or safest way,,, so I have found out often years down the road.

I must admit that I still do a blow off for almost every vessel I open. Its only been since I have returned to the torch after 7 years away, that all the hissy fits are being thrown about doing that. I have done some reading that says its not a huge worry for your lungs, cant recall where though. and I have also come across stuff that says its really bad stuff. Put simply.. I dont know for sure either way.

Its not something I particularly worry about, but I also worked in an environment for so many years that this was standard practice. I wish I had a definitive answer for you, but my best advice is, better safe than sorry and make your own decisions. I also know very little about all the new colors out and the metal content etc etc etc.

But.... you should rarely have a "blow out" doing anything in my tutorial. The bioggest chance of it is in blowing the mini ornaments. If you are getting blow outs its because the glass is WAY to hot. and when you blow one spot is blowing out very quickly and popping. Try counting to 3 as you rotate after leaving the flame. This will allow the heat to ven out, and the glass to form a skin on the outside before you blow, thus avoiding a "blow out"

hope this helps some.


thatsmithlady 2009-08-13 11:57am

Outstanding ornaments in a terrific tutorial
The tutorial is thoughtful in its approach-both visually and written instructions are logically laid out & are explicit in instruction. I am very much looking forward to reading the tutorial more thoroughly, working on the techniques and getting to know you better though your writing. Thank you for your time in writing it.

Robinj 2009-09-05 5:08pm

Wow, this sounds great -- and just in time for Christmas!

patienthand 2009-11-02 1:40pm

Yes, the get ready for christmas frenzy is about to begin. Get your tuts, turn on your torches and start practicing.. santa will be here sooner than you think...


Alisa 2009-11-06 7:38pm

Great tutorial! Thanks! aill have to try these when i get the materials ordered! Alisa

patienthand 2009-11-09 4:41pm

Thanks for the kind words, I hope you enjoy it, and always feel free tpo contact me with questions.


mnoelker 2009-11-09 5:20pm

I was lucky enough to receive some of the ornaments Candice used to make her tut. Here is some eye candy!

Can't wait to put them on the tree again this year!

khammil 2009-12-17 7:23pm

Does anybody know of a source that currently has 10-12mm Lauscha tubing in stock? is out of stock in all colors - they only have the larger 20-30mm Lauscha tubing in stock.

s38hyler 2010-01-01 9:02pm

Wow I love the icicle with the blown ball on top, I wish I was skilled enough to play with tubing, hopefully one day. Those would look really pretty on my tree, well one day maybe.

patienthand 2010-10-29 6:38am

I am getting requests for info thats in this thread, so I am bumping it

glassactcc 2010-10-29 10:12am

Glad you bumped it. Made me buy one:)

Frit Diva 2010-10-29 10:18am

This is an excellent tutorial, I think just about everyone can benefit from Candice's wealth of knowledge and thorough presentation. Just get one, you know you want it!


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