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sortaflower 2009-11-02 6:13pm

♥ Midnight Jewel Tribal Design Tutorial ♥
Ok, this is the last one in the Tribal Design series by Daniel for now- he has been working with this style for about 5 years and has come up with a lot of fun reactions and combos along the way, hope you all are enjoying:)

Also all of the Tribal Design Series tutorials are priced at $5 each to be beneficial to the pocket-book. I may group them together in a bundle for a further discount later.

They are very clear and easy to read and the pictures are crisp and detailed. If you have questions please do not hesitate to post or email them to me.

Click on the picture below to see the Midnight Jewel listing on ETSY or follow the tutorial link in my signature to our Tutorials on ARTFIRE.

♥ Jenelle

Donna T. 2009-11-02 6:45pm

I have a couple of your Tribal Series and I've learned some interesting combo reactions that I never would have come up with on my own. Your tutorials are always well written, easy to understand, with excellent pictures. I highly recommend these tuts!

sortaflower 2009-11-02 7:30pm

Thank you so much Donna! :)

rosebud101 2009-11-02 7:40pm

Oh, I think I have to order this one, too! It's gorgeous!

sortaflower 2009-11-02 8:19pm

Thanks Mallory :) Hope you have had time to try out those Diamonds!

blong2001 2009-11-02 8:29pm

Do you have a list of supplies for the tutorial?

sortaflower 2009-11-02 8:51pm

HI Bethany:) You will need silver foil and the glass used is moretti/vetrofond , reichenbach (raku), and one special glass that can be used or substituted for a moretti glass that is mentioned.

angie 2009-12-05 3:30pm

I noticed on the tutorials i wanted you use soda lime glass, can you use any?

sortaflower 2009-12-05 3:42pm

Sure:) We use 104 coe. We are having a Holiday Buy-One-Get-One-Free special right now so you will receive a free tutorial as a bonus. This is valid in our Etsy & Artfire Shops. Feel free to email with any further questions & happy holidays! Jenelle

angie 2009-12-05 4:04pm

ok just bought Tahitian Sunrise :)

sortaflower 2010-01-19 9:42pm

Thanks Angie:)

We just posted a new Button Tut: Abalone Button

ABALONE | Decadent Ultra Shiny Design with reactive glass- Use this tutorial with a Button, Spree, Tab, or other press, or on a free form bead as well.

Bonus material included, this is an intermediate tutorial.

10 pages - step-by-step easy to follow instructions on how to create a Abalone Button Bead out of Soda Lime Glass.

=) Jenelle

sortaflower 2010-01-20 9:40am

PS, we are having a GIFT WITH PURCHASE special in both online shops this month, so when you purchase an ebook you get to pick out another as a FREE BONUS:)

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