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pgglass 2009-11-21 7:32am

Problems with CIM Bordello!!
Bordello is such a beautiful color but so very dense. I want to make a set of wine colored beads for the holidays and began working last night. I used a large base of clear and thinly encased with Bordello. This morning when I took the beads out of the kiln I was surprised to see how dark they still are. Has anyone had success with lightening up Bordello and if so, do you mind sharing your technique?

kittyluv4ever 2009-11-21 7:36am

I would coat part of a rod of clear with the bordello and pull it out then layer that over white to take advantage of white's reflective properties.

pgglass 2009-11-21 7:49am

I may try coating the clear rod with Bordello and pulling it but I want to keep these beads transparent and prefer not to use a pastel underneath. Thanks for your response. I will try the pull

glassactcc 2009-11-21 8:57am

Bordello has a tendency to turn brownish too. I love it in rod form, but sometimes not after using. I know that didn't help you any though. The above suggestions are good.

maroli 2009-11-21 12:05pm

I always used it with a light color or White inside.

Here a exemple

j2canoe 2009-11-23 5:17am

I love the mahogany color of Bordello just as it is - yummy with SIS. But have you tried mixing the color with a color such as Sangre or something else that suits you and pulling your own rod? Just a thought. Cheers, Joan:)

2kids&atorch 2009-11-23 11:47am

I find that Bordello does turn a bit brown, even a little orange sometimes. I would maybe try to encase a clear rod with it, and THEN encase THAT with clear again, to protect it from reduction. Then pull it into a fat stringer and use it to apply your color.

PaulaD 2009-11-23 12:06pm

You may want to try the Lauscha reds...

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