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elenahernburg 2021-02-06 12:58pm

Ribbon tricks (murrini and original bead) COE 104
This tutorial is intended for those who work with COE 104 glass.
The difficulty is intermediate.

I present for your attention the "Ribbon Tricks" tutorial in two parts, describing two techniques of using glass ribbons. Each part has a complete description of the process, including a link to the video and detailed step-by-step instructions.
The first part of the tutorial (“Ribbon Rose”) describes an original way of making a murrini rose, using the special ribbon technique which I use most often. The entire process is shown, from the manufacture of ribbons to the stretching of the murrini.
In addition, I reveal my secret information about the glasses that I use to create roses of different colors along with illustrations. And you will also find out what kind of glass murrini are difficult to smudge during installation.
The second part of the tutorial (“Ribbon Soul”) shows how to create an original bead with a complex background with using a special technique. Really, it continues my series “Soul of the Bead” which includes tutorials “Lacy Soul”, “Palm Soul”, “Whirl Soul” and “String Soul”.
Two parts together show how a bead and flowers are combined into a single whole, but do not merge, creating the impression that flowers are born from the background.
At the same time, these techniques can be used independently: ribbon murrini can be installed on any bead background, and any murrini can be placed on the ribbon bead.

The two parts of the manual are available both together and separately.

Two parts:
1-st part:
2-nd part:

All my tutorials:

KJohn 2021-02-09 3:31pm

that looks so interesting!

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