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LyndaJ 2009-11-22 5:56pm

Guess the combination...
I've been making icicles for christmas. Lots of icicles. I keep changing up the color combo's and ran across this, so I made it into pandora beads for fun.

They're hard to photograph, I'm not very skilled with the whole good pictures of reduction glasses. They look like aurae beads.

Here you go :biggrin:

(each one has slightly more reduction from left to right), and for two hints

-Three types of glass used in each bead. (the dot colors don't matter)

squid 2009-11-22 5:59pm

sunset coral mixed with amber luster over rose clay base?

LyndaJ 2009-11-22 6:00pm

That's darn close :) Two right, but not mixed. Just layered

squid 2009-11-22 6:02pm

okay then :) amber luster over sunset coral over a base of something - I can't see the base color very well.

LyndaJ 2009-11-22 6:04pm

Close enough. I should have made you ineligible, squid. Too, too quick :lol:

white base
either sunset coral or light sunset coral
amber luster

clear, coral, or mist dots, but they don't show up so well.

squid 2009-11-22 6:05pm

sorry - sorry :p

they are gorgeous! The layer of amber luster must be really thin to get so much of the coral color showing.

LyndaJ 2009-11-22 6:07pm

Amber luster is really soft, it flows over other colors very easily to get a thin, thin layer.

squid 2009-11-22 6:13pm

yeah, it's like honey on a stick.

Lea Zinke 2009-11-22 6:19pm

Wow, Lynda, that's gorgeous!!! I lovelovelove the BE lusters but I can over-reduce them in the proverbial NY heartbead, oooops meant heartbeat!!! Haha

That was impressive, Squid!

squid 2009-11-22 6:41pm

I was playing with the coral this weekend myself :p

LyndaJ 2009-11-22 6:47pm

To get the best lusters, you need the following

-warm base bead
-change to reducing flame where the flame is soft and fluffy and there's just a small needle of yellow sticking up ~3 inches.
-waft into flame
-waft again.

I find that I get over-reduced areas if I just twirl it in the flame.

I'll try to get pictures later.

BeadBlossoms 2009-11-22 8:45pm

Ah ha! So that's how you get an even luster!!! I always twirl.....never comes out right, always streaky. Thank you so much!!!!

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