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Olimpia 2019-10-05 10:34am

Propane tank hose. Safe?
Hi everyone!

My propane tank with regulator and hose have been out in the sun for a couple of years. Havenít been able to torch in a while and my hose turned white where the sun has been hitting it. Iím just wondering if itís ok to use or should I replace it? I had just purchased a new one when I stopped torching. Hoping to get back into it in the fall!
Thank you!


Speedslug 2019-10-05 11:10am

If it has changed color you probably ought to replace it.

We are talking about the gas that has been known to blow up houses and start fires and stuff after all.

You might want to get a 5 gallon bucket to place over your propane tank connection, cut an inch and half hole in the side and run you hose through some PVC piping to your studio to keep the UV from beating it up.

All torch hoses should probably get replaced every 10 years or so simply because the rubber will off gas and get brittle even if is it hidden away in a garage.
Same with tires on your vehicles.

Olimpia 2019-10-05 12:57pm

Youíre right, I should play it safe. I did have a large bucket over all of it and the sun is so bad here, the bucket is brittle and the regular came out a hole on top. South Texas heat is no joking matter :lol::lol:
Thank you for your reply. I think I should just take it all apart and bring it in during the summer. Thatīa teach me!

Speedslug 2019-10-07 4:20am

Maybe you should switch from plastic and PVC to a galvanized metal pail and metal conduit but with your kind of heat on a daily basis I would think about getting a copper line as a semi permanent install.

The rubber seals and inner parts in regulators don't age well in that kind of heat either and these days it less expensive to replace them than to get them over hauled with new parts.

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