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dla 2019-07-10 6:45am

Jewelry Making Items Available FS
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Everything is listed at this Facebook Group and yes you have to be a member to see. Free to join though. LOTS of new items listed. Many acrylic flowers and leaves just added. Check it out. Photo's are just a small sample of what's available. Thanks for looking ! :)
The name of the group is - Buy and Sell Bead and Jewelry Supply Destash Group

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Attachment 171928

dla 2019-07-12 3:16am

Many more items added this morning.

dla 2019-07-21 7:41am

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LOTS of new items have been added. Just a few in photo's below. Coming soon, OPB's. I have ALOT I purchased before I started making my own beads. :)

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Attachment 172040

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Attachment 172042

dla 2019-08-01 4:14am

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More items added with lots more coming ! Come on over and check it out.
Just a few more items that have been added in photo's below.

Attachment 172149

Attachment 172150

Attachment 172151

dla 2019-08-07 8:01am

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MANY more items have been added here. Including kumihimo end caps (lots of them), LOTS of clasps, Bali sterling silver beads and much more. Photo's are just a sample of what's been added. See original post above to get link to where all can be purchased.

Attachment 172182

Attachment 172183

Attachment 172184

Attachment 172185

dla 2019-08-11 8:19am

Many new items added to my jewelry destash album.

dla 2019-08-20 3:21am

More sterling silver findings added with more to come.
I would love to just give this stuff away but if it doesn't sell, anything sterling I can melt down and use. :) I'd rather sell it though. :) I have LOTS more to post.

dla 2019-08-31 4:46am

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More items added today. Come on over and check it out. :) Link in first post above.
Photo's of a few items added this morning.

Attachment 172318

Attachment 172319

Attachment 172324

dla 2019-09-08 3:39am

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More jewelry making items added this morning. Link to all items in very first post above. I'll just keep adding items there. :) If you see something you like but would rather not purchase via FB, just message me here and I'll see what we can work out.
Photo's of a few items added this morning.

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Attachment 172369

Attachment 172370

dla 2019-09-08 3:58am


dla 2019-09-24 2:19am

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New items added - charms and a few clasps.
Photo's of a few that were added.
More available.

Attachment 172437

Attachment 172438

Attachment 172439

dla 2019-09-28 4:44am

More items added this morning.

dla 2019-10-01 3:15am

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Many new items listed recently in my For Sale album. A few photo's below show a few things.

My own Hand Dyed silk strings/cords. Discounted to only $1.00 per yard.

Attachment 172490

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