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squid 2008-06-29 11:02am

Ivory/Dark Ivory equivalent in Bullseye
I was working with the odd lot custard last night and realized that the rod I was using was doing something similar to the 104 ivories - it was separating into darker and lighter colors. I looked at the rod and saw that the one I was using had more of the amber mixed in with it (custard is reacive nougat and amber in the same rod). I checked my rods and have 4 or 5 per pound that are of the darker variety. Here is a comparison - I was using the one on the right:

I did some experiments with the two variations and this is what I came up with (please pardon the crappy beads).

This is the darker rod worked in a normal way:

This is the lighter rod worked in a normal way:

This is the darker rod fumed with silver twice. I fumed once, worked hot again and then fumed it again and worked hot again. As you can see, it webbed beautifully.

This is the light rod also fumed with silver twice. I fumed once, worked hot again and then fumed it again and worked hot again. As you can see, it didn't really web at all. The light spot in it is because I boiled the glass at that spot and exposed the unfumed glass underneath, which gives the light contrast color.

Some additional pics:
This is a dark rod fumed twice also and then blue lustre dotted and striped on and worked hot.

This is a light rod fumed with silver and then lightly wafted in the flame to bring out some variations in the color:

PittsGlass 2008-06-29 12:12pm

Very nice color tutorial. Thanks for sharing!

Lisa 2008-06-29 12:34pm

Fabulous! I almost didn't read the post --my eyes stopped on ivory/dark ivory thinking, whoopee, doesn't related to Bullseye. Glad I took a second look! Thanks. Lisa

LyndaJ 2008-06-29 2:11pm

From what Greg had posted, this is more of a trial batch than an irreproducible odd lot.
I'm going to have to check my custard for these rods. The one I'd tested making shards didn't really do what I was after.

squid 2008-06-29 2:29pm

Thanks for the feedback, guys. I was pretty happy when that one rod started webbing the way it did.

I am hoping they will make more of the custard with an emphasis on the darker rods.

LyndaJ 2008-06-29 6:01pm

I had four rods in mine. I'll be trying shards tonight. Thanks Squid!

Cabanlet 2008-06-29 6:06pm

Ok, I am off to check my custard.


squid 2008-06-30 7:22pm

Please post your results - I am really interested in seeing how it goes.

LyndaJ 2008-06-30 8:36pm

For silvered shards, the ones with a medium amount of amber showing gave the results closest to vetrofond. I'll post pics when I either 1) figure out how to take bead pictures with our d80 or I get a new bead camera. My bead camera died over the weekend.

The rod with the most amber mostly made a grey mess. I made a test bead last night and it turned out pretty well, and I've got a set in the kiln.

If the white part were more opaque, it would be awesome. I'll see what I can get with the camera tomorrow.

squid 2008-06-30 8:53pm

I can't wait to see your pics!

LyndaJ 2008-07-01 8:36pm

Oh gosh. I had finally figured out the old camera. Sorry for the crappy pictures. The orange is way off on color, but...

Silvered shards - pretty nice veining

applied shards

I didn't take a picture of the shard I made with the "more amber" rods. It was grey, and the veining was not crisp at all.

PittsGlass 2008-07-02 4:10pm

Nice reactions. I really like the veining in the first one. That is a great addition to the bullseye line. I hope it gets to be more than an odd. Thanks for sharing!

Carols Glass 2008-07-02 4:33pm

I really enjoyed this tutorial. Thanks!

squid 2008-07-02 5:47pm

Those are very nice Lynda! They did veinwell!

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