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sandra j ziolkowski 2005-11-23 8:18am

I saw something on earring cards
Does anyone remember where the thread is on earring cards . It was just some interesting ideas on hommade cards to place earrings on to sell.
Thanks to anyone who can remember this.

Judi_B 2005-11-23 8:36am

I think it was in the Jewelry sub-forum

DawnT 2005-11-23 10:03am

Yep Jewelry:

sandra j ziolkowski 2005-11-23 12:19pm

Thanks so much
That was the one:smile: There are alot of good ideas there. Im so tired of buying everything already made, its time to get creative.
Thanks agian

anne225 2005-12-08 7:23am

I have used Business card stock for the earring cards..Avery #8871.
I have my info saved in my computer and print them as neede. I have two sizes of hole punches that I use(I like to a total of 4 holes for lever backs -2 on top and 2 on bottom) I know this is way late but I just joined today.!

adee 2005-12-08 11:08am

I would love to see some pics of your handmade earring cards, please.
Would anyone like to share? I would appreciate it very much... Being visual is a curse and a blessing for me..eheheh

sandra j ziolkowski 2005-12-08 1:29pm

Thanks, I am still struggling with that. I made some cards but Im not satisfied yet. Adee another member asked for picture and I like her am very visual and I neeed to see something. I have a good idea of what you did but I would still be interested in seeing it. Would you like to share?
Thanks Sandi

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