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RSimmons 2011-08-04 3:59pm

Act of Courage Beads Needed
We're running low on Act of Courage beads and could really use an infusion of your great bead medicine. We've got more kids than ever as new hospitals discover how much good Beads of Courage does for their little patients. I'm shipping a big box to Tucson tomorrow. If you've got beads to go I've got a great place for them:

Beads of Courage, Inc.
10501 E. Seven Generations Way, Suite 161
Tucson, AZ 85747

Thank you all for everything you do!


rosebud101 2011-08-04 4:43pm

Thanks for the address, Robert. I'm hoping to get a box out early next week.

Eileen 2011-08-05 11:51am

I'll look through my practice beads & see what is not too wonky to send, thanks for the heads up!

alb6094 2011-08-05 1:27pm

I've got some ready, I'll get them in the mail.

RSimmons 2011-08-05 5:34pm

I sent out a small package this morning and there are 23 lb. donated at The Gathering going out in the morning. Great work folks!


rosebud101 2011-08-05 7:22pm

The box is addressed, and I'll mail it on Monday!

RSimmons 2011-08-06 11:00am

Found 7 more pounds of beads last night - 30 lb. out the door today.


2tumblingdragonz 2011-08-06 12:11pm

Which exactly are act of courage beads?


PattyK 2011-08-06 12:26pm

Rowyn - you can find all the info on the program here:

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RSimmons 2011-08-08 5:37am

Rowyn - check the first sticky in the BoC forum. All of the details are there.


2tumblingdragonz 2011-08-10 12:54pm

What I mean are there certain colours, I know I read yellow is for something, green for something, that's what I mean, do you need certain colours.

thanks for the pointer.

I see there are NO BOC in NJ. I think I figured that out a while ago and forgot about it. I will work on trying to remember so I can do something about that.

My mom is interested for some strange reason, my parents are strange and not real supportive of my lampworking but all of a sudden my mom wants to know all about boc. It would be a great project for her to get going, she does nothing but housework all day and all night, ocd, I mean it. she just got diagnosed with uterine cancer, so maybe that's her interest in the kiddos, I dunno.

but not meaning to digress too much, I was just wondering if there were certain colours you needed more than others for the acts of courage beads.

thanks and thanks for doing this.


Robinj 2011-08-12 5:53am

Hi Rowyn,

The specific color beads signify procedures that the kids go through -- needle pokes, overnight stay in the hospital, spinal taps, etc. These beads are glass but are not artist made. Beads of Courage buys them by the bag -- the kids simply "earn" too many for us to make them! It makes the Act of Courage Beads all the more special for the kids.

Artist beads are used Act of Courage Beads. They are given for particularly challenging things. Emma (the girl that I met with) had over 26 FEET of procedural beads and about 15 Act of Courage Beads. The Act of Courage Beads are very important to the kids. Emma said tht her most treasured Act of Courage Bead was given to her when her friend (who also had leukemia) passed away, in rememberance of him.

Eileen 2011-08-12 6:51am

Rowyn, this thread helped me, maybe it will you too.

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I hope I did that right. It's Hospital rep visits our guild
if you need to find it with search.

2tumblingdragonz 2011-08-13 9:29am

Thank you, I misunderstood that acts of courage and procedure were not the same.

I will go back to work, I've been doing basic frit beads, I have a bunch that need cleaning. I wish I had someone to help me with irritates my neck and shoulder so I always have a huge pile of mandrels and another of beads waiting to be cleaned. I got Bob to help once.

I had read a while ago about the hot dogs and eggs and stuff, but I don't know where to even begin doing that kind of work.

so it's frit and hearts from me for now.


RSimmons 2011-08-13 10:30am

Sorry to be slow getting back to this thread - been away on business and out of touch. I think that you are put o speed now, so I just want to say thanks for the good work that all of you do for Beads of Courage.


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