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Glowbead 2012-07-01 9:01am

100 BHKBs for June
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June was a good month for torching. July will not be so good. It looks like I'm going to spend much of the month clearing debris from the severe thunderstorm the other night. I feel lucky though. We are surrounded by huge old trees. All of the many branches that fell missed our house. We only had minor damage to a gutter and a fence. We will have significantly less shade, but at least no holes in the roof.

I'll get these guys in the mail early next week.

Glowbead 2012-07-01 9:04am

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A couple more.

CarolS 2012-07-01 9:55am

Those beads are wonderful!! You are seriously awesome. :love:

Glowbead 2012-07-01 10:03am

Thanks, Carol.

Robinj 2012-07-01 3:42pm

Wonderful! It's so nice that you are making such special beads for the kids!

Glowbead 2012-07-01 3:49pm

Thanks, Robin.

lysa 2012-07-01 3:54pm

Susan, so glad you are safe.
Those are some awesome beads.

Glowbead 2012-07-01 5:12pm

Thanks, Lysa. I had a few scary hours. Our patio was six feet high in elm branches, some of them 8 inches in diameter. Yet none our patio furniture was damaged, the grill was untouched, and not even a potted plant (and I have a dozen out there) was bruised.

flamingobeth 2012-07-01 6:38pm

So glad you are safe! Those beads are soooo fun! Reminded me of being a kid with a plateful of cookies, and you can only pick one. I love them all. What a labor of love!

pittypat 2012-07-02 12:21am

Susan, I love all the faces!! Had to study all of them. I can see at least 10 I would pick right away! Your angel was looking out for you during the storm. That is good news.

Glowbead 2012-07-02 4:46am

Thanks. Beth, if those beads were cookies, I wouldn't be sharing. Pat, I do feel like we had an angel out there.

Diane Woodall 2012-07-02 7:19am

Another awesome batch Susan! I know the folks at BOC love seeing packages arrive with your name on them.

So happy you made it safely through the storms.

GlassGalore 2012-07-02 7:23am

Susan... those are amazing! What lucky kiddos to get to choose from them. I hope the good karma returns to you 10-fold! :love:

Glowbead 2012-07-02 7:31am

Thanks Diane and Lisa. I'm itching to get back to the torch and start my July beads, but it is HOT here, and we are still on generator power.

InsanityBeader 2012-07-02 8:18am

Wow wow! Nice work!! :)

Meow Meow Beads 2012-07-04 8:26am

Susan I hope the cleanup isnt to bad. And dont do it when it is to hot outside.

Oh one other thing! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the skulls and Chester cats!:waving:

Glowbead 2012-07-04 10:47am

Thanks, Susan and Susan. I overdid the cleanup on the first day, then we hired someone to come in. We are still on generator power, so turning on the kiln is out. It may be a while before I'm back to torching.

angelique_redhead 2012-07-05 7:12am

Good luck getting back on regular power. *HUGS* :love: Angelique


Originally Posted by Glowbead (Post 4042477)
Thanks, Susan and Susan. I overdid the cleanup on the first day, then we hired someone to come in. We are still on generator power, so turning on the kiln is out. It may be a while before I'm back to torching.

Glowbead 2012-07-05 7:36am

Thanks, Angelique. As of yesterday afternoon, THE POWER IS BACK!!! I've never been so happy to be doing laundry.

Pat 2012-07-05 4:29pm

What amazing beads. The kids will love them. I'm glad you escaped too much damage.

Glowbead 2012-07-05 7:43pm

Thanks, Pat. Cute kids in your avatar.

Pammi 2012-07-06 10:08am

Those are really awesome beads! The kids will love them. I am so glad the storm didn't do more to you. This is the year of the storms every where!

Hardalee 2012-07-06 12:50pm

Your beads are so awesome. You are such an inspiration! Thanx for sharing these with us before the kids get them. You make me raise my game and I love it.


Glowbead 2012-07-06 2:05pm

Thanks for the kind words, Pammi and Hardalee.

Mountain Snail 2012-07-20 3:12pm

Love your beads!

Eileen 2012-07-20 5:28pm

Oh my gosh, I love them all, but those skunks!!! Adorable!

Glowbead 2012-07-20 6:08pm

Thanks Branda and Eileen. I just replenished my supply of black for more skunks, but it's been too hot to torch.

ginger2 2012-07-20 11:24pm

What great beads! I love the cyclops! The kids are loving these!
Happy creating,

Glowbead 2012-07-21 9:38am

Thanks for the kind words, Ginger

Ness 2012-07-24 12:32pm

Wow! I am totally gobsmacked by your amazing beads! I love so many of them, the skunks are just fabulous. I had to quickly scroll up when my son came by - if he saw them I'd never hear the end of it!!
They are all wonderful!

Such a blessing you were spared by the storm. :)

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