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smkyquartz 2015-11-15 5:22pm

Metal Etching and Bead Cap Tutorial
Hi! I was just over on the thread in "Tip, Techniques... " and saw a thread on metal etching so I read through it and then clicked over to the website that someone suggested for a saline solution etch.

I have a much easier Tutorial available to anyone who pm's me. It was $25 on Etsy some time ago. It is called 'The Art of Metal Etching' or I call it A Comprehensive Guide to the Art of Metal Etching. It includes 2 addendums: 'Yes! You can Etch on Both Sides', and 'Bead Caps'. I also did an addendum to the bead caps for a little more information which I will include for free.

It includes everything you need to know to be able to etch (almost any size within reason) copper, brass and nickel with ferric chloride. Also, using ferric nitrate for sterling silver. I have etched 8 x 8 photo album covers using my technique. It also includes instructions for what is called "Edinburough Etch" using readily available materials to make a super clean etch, eliminating the striations, bumps, etc that may occur with the regular etch.

For a limited time, until Nov 30 2015, anyone who contacts me by pm can have this sent by email for $20 paypal. It is a digital file.

I feel this is appropriate here as it does contain info on making your own bead caps which I have done for my own lampworked beads!!!
Thanks, Carol

beachbeads 2015-11-20 10:20am

how does one buy it?

smkyquartz 2015-12-02 8:07pm

Sorry for not checking on this...if you pm me, I can set it up to pay by Paypal and then email it to you! or, send me your email address to

I will honor the $20 price!

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