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Hayley 2008-01-06 10:29am

Silver Color Reference Guide
With suppliers naming their silver glass differently, I have compiled some of the available information. I hope to update this frequently.


Double Helix (Jed and Julie)
See Distributors link on Double Helix website

Aion 2
Elektra 2
Kronos 2
Olympia Rain (discontinued)

Luna 2
Pandora (kiln strike at 1000F for four hours)
Terra (discontinued)
Terranova 2

Double Helix Test Batches
For color photos of paddles (no paddle pix for the Gathering odd/test batches):

Double Helix Odd/Test Lots – September 2008
Note: not repeating the ones that were available at the Gathering in August

H-229 – Amber Purple
TN-219 – Terranova 2 prototype

Kiln Striking
HM- 206 – Silvered hematinones
HM- 210 – Silvered hematinones

CL- 171 – Copper silver luster
A-230 – Clear luster
M-232 B – Pinky, purple luster
SL- 173 – Triton prototypes
SL-188 – Triton prototypes
Triton Odd Lot

Double Helix Odd/Test Lots – August 2008 at the Gathering

HM-196 – Silvered hematinones
HM-207 – Silvered hematinones
TN-212 – Fast striking Terranova 2 prototype
T-217 – A light, pastel Terranova 2 prototype
T-218 – A light, pastel Terranova 2 prototype
R-170 – An opaque silver copper strike
R-170B – An opaque silver copper strike
L2 Light – A lighter variation of Luna 2
L2 Dark – A darker variation of Luna 2

NEO-152 – A transparent blue/violet luster
SL-189 – A Triton Prototype
Psyche Dark – A darker variation of Psyche

Kiln Striking
P-119 – A Pandora prototype
Pandora Light – A lighter variation of our new Pandora

Double Helix Odd/Test Lots – May 2008

KH-133 – Alabaster Khaos
L-143 – Extra Light Luna2
M-166 – Pinky Purple Super Luster
RH-169 – Silvered Emerald – coral strike
RH-193 – Silvered Hematinone – kiln strike for corals
RH-198 – Silvered Hematinone – kiln strike for corals
RH-204 – Opaque Silvered Ruby
RH-209 – Silvered Hematinone – kiln strike for corals
SL-194 – Triton and Elektra blend
T-106 – Ivory Luster
T-114 – Ivory Luster
T-96A – Amber Luster
T-96B – Terra type
T-96C – Terra type Amber Luster
TN-200 – Terra style striking color
TN-202 – Terra style striking color
TN-203 – Terra style striking color
VK-192 – Brick Red Hematinone strikes to cinnamon coral
VK-211 – Brick Red

Double Helix Odd/Test Lots – December 2007

The H series is the beginning of our Khaos testing.

The Ks vary.
K-102 – was playing with the K-65 formula which was the silver saturated Kronos. It should be reduced.

K-105, 108, and 109 – are testing a more opal color. K-108 should be reduced and 105 and 109 you can try either but striking is best.

K-112 – was supposed to be one thing but when Jed came in the next morning he noticed something that was supposed to be in the furnace still sitting on the table! Woops. It should be reduced.

K-113 – is an experiment with a secret ingredient. The one Jed left on the table in K-112. K-113 can be reduced or struck.

K-115 & K-116 – are in betweens. The result of beginning our H testing in our K pots. They should both be struck.

Terra Odds
OG Terra

Double Helix Odd/Test Lots – Summer 2007

Aion 2 Odd – A blue tinted Aion 2
C-70 – A pearly silver luster
C-71 – A silver luster
C-75 – A bit like Opal Yellow
E-64 – Elektra 2 text that is medium blue and doesn't boil
E-67 – Elektra 2 test that is pale blue and doesn't boil
K-65 – Kronos 2 with an overdose of silver!
K-66 – Kronos 2 that opacifies
Nys Odd – Lusters like regular Nyx but doesn't fade to blue when kiln struck
T-25 – Opaque brown rods that will luster
T-26 & T-28 – Transparent broan rods that will luster

GTG 104
(George Tessman)
(Please google search for other distributors)

Black Nebula
Green Envy
Honey Mountain

Hamon Encasement Crystal

Precision 104
(Please google search for other distributors)

Black Pearl
Dark Lime Aventurine (odd)
daVinci 1
Frida Sunset
Garzoni / Botero*
Hurricane Rumble
Sashas Silver / Michelangelo*
Rembrandt / Miro Silver Emerald*
Silver Mist / Rocio Silver Mist*
Unknown Artist

daVinci 2
Sashas Silver / Michelangelo*
Silver Stone
Van Gogh

Diamond Clear

StrikingColor (Brad)

Striking (not currently in production)
A7 Pele Odd
A8 Hualalai
A829 Pele
B1-S Molokini Odd
902 Haleakala

TAG 104 (Paul Trautman and Jenny)
See Distributors link on Tag website

Blue Buddha
Taxco Silver

Black Cherry / Red Clay* (strikes in kiln)
Dalai Lama
Tibet / Dali*

Oxblood / Black Cherry*
Super Clear

TAG Odd/Test Batches
Deep Purple / Purple Davine*
Fire Opal
Green Dalai
Green Silver Leaf
Grey Llama
JD Mix
Lake Geneva
Silver Fir
Taxco Azul
White Llama

* alternate name at

artsyuno 2008-01-06 10:55am

Link's not working. :(

Hayley 2008-01-06 12:59pm

I decided to post the reference here!

artsyuno 2008-01-06 3:20pm

Awesome! Thanks.

mtnglass 2008-01-06 3:25pm

Hayley, you are the best! Thank you for taking the time to produce a chart that is very handy to have out in the shop.


technicaltess 2008-01-06 5:03pm

Haley are you sure about the hurrricane rumble? It reduces beautifully to a blue mirror finish.

technicaltess 2008-01-06 5:05pm

Also, It boils easily so I found working it far out in the flame and then reducing is the way to go.

Hayley 2008-01-06 5:08pm

Thank you for catching that . . . yes, Hurricane Rumble is a reduction color! Sorry!

Did you get the discounted odd? I got that and it boils so much that I gave up!

technicaltess 2008-01-06 5:10pm

Just work it way out in the flame it turns out so nice! Of course, I am partial to blue.

Hayley 2008-01-06 5:16pm

I may try again one day. . . but with so many gorgeous blue silver glass available that don't boil . . . guess I just don't have any patience! lol!

Cherine Perrin 2008-01-07 4:47am

Man, my head is spinning! I've got 2 silver colors (terra & psyche). Oh, I think I may have some Rocio silver mist laying around too! I need to go glass shopping!

tt4st 2008-01-18 6:31pm

Very helpful... thanks Hayley!

Firebug 2008-01-19 12:32am

Great job Hayley - thanks so much for putting this together in one handy place!


hooked on glass 2008-01-19 5:42am

thanks Hayley, this is so helpful, now I want to buy more glass!

melissabeads 2008-01-24 3:56pm

Thanks Hayley.. this is very helpful! Now I need to order some more glass!! :-)

Hayley 2008-01-24 3:58pm

Thanks everyone!

I need to update the list . . . again. . . ugh . . .

Hayley 2008-01-24 4:02pm

Hey anyone used these? Need to know if they are striking or reducing!

[ElvisSOFTRuby B01] $80.00

[GTGGNENVYRD B01] $60.00

fritobsessed 2008-01-24 4:06pm

On the Green Envy send a PM to Just_Nancy - she's got some and has been playing with it.

Julz 2008-02-01 12:26pm

Great reference Hayley.

I think I have some Green envy- from before it came on the market. I was told it reduces to a red. Maybe that should be on my list for today.

beadgal 2008-02-01 3:37pm

Haley, I have found that Blue Buddha isn't the same as Cezanne. I bought some thinking it was, and was very disappointed.

Hayley 2008-02-01 3:47pm

That's curious coz I was told that by a reliable source. Do you mind posting pix of your bead and the rod please? Thx!

Hayley 2008-02-01 3:48pm


Originally Posted by Julz (Post 1623603)
Great reference Hayley.

I think I have some Green envy- from before it came on the market. I was told it reduces to a red. Maybe that should be on my list for today.

It would be great if you can let me know! Thx!

StOrM 2008-02-01 3:56pm

so what about all the other glass that has metal ivory, and ice there anyway we know which ones will react and which ones won`t?

Hayley 2008-02-01 4:38pm

Storm - this is only a reference for silver glass and the names, retailers and manufacturers, etc. . . . and not for reactive glass.

beadgal 2008-02-01 6:29pm

Hayley, I think it was Paulas (Flamedame) thread. She was selling BB as Cezanne and the maker of the glass said the formula was different.

Hayley 2008-02-01 6:36pm

Thanks, Cherie . . . I will add a note to the reference! I just looked at her test bead on her site and it does look different from the Cezanne I used.

beadgal 2008-02-01 7:34pm

I always love the glass that won't be reproduced or was a fluke. If anyone has some lying around, I will buy it. I'd love to find more.
Hayley, it was great of you to go through all the work. Thank You!

ginger2 2008-02-01 9:14pm

Wow! You've really done a lot of work to figure all of this out! Thanks for posting this great list, as I'm on a pretty tight budget. When I get my hands on a rod or so, I don't want to blow it, just finding out how to use it.
Thank you very much for the comprehensive list,

Hayley 2008-02-19 8:12pm

Thank you everyone. I got a couple of PMs regarding getting colors on Khaos. This is what I wrote back - thought I would share it here in the thread for those who may be interested. (This is been posted lots before by others who have had success with striking silver glass.)

The trick to getting colors on all striking silver glass is to heat and cool and heat and cool repeatedly. The first heat must be so hot that the surface of the glass turns translucent (almost droopy) - then cool until the glow is gone (do the under the table test). Reheat starting at the tip of the flame (as not to thermal shock), then bring the bead in closer to normal range, you don't need to heat it as much the second (and subsequent) time. When you cool it again, it should be dark brown. If it's not, then you didn't heat it hot enough the first time (in this case heat it again to translucent).

If you have dark brown after the first strike. Cool and heat again and you should get dark purple, repeated cooling and heating yield blues, greens, yellows, sometimes reds and terra cotta depending on the glass.

You need to play with it - depending how much you heat and how much you cool, you will get different colors.

When I make the beads above - they are about 1 1/4" - by the time I finish shaping the beads, the ends are dark purple/blue. So I just have to play with heating the middle in order to get the colors out.

Lastly, when you get what everyone calls baby poo - you have overstruck the glass. Just start all over by super heating it again. Most striking glass are forgiving so you can start all over. Just remember to get dark brown on first strike!

Hope this helps.

Beadbug 2008-02-22 5:15am

I wanted to thank you so much for giving all this information in one place. I just got my first order of silver glass ($300.00) and then didn't want to waste any of it, saw this thread and it has been just a wonderful thing to have printed out and taped to my work area.

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