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Glassbeadlady 2021-07-05 5:15am

Little Smith Torch Help
I have a Little Smith Torch that I have never used. Itís been in storage for twenty years. The hoses look to be in excellent condition but could anyone tell me if it would be safe to use? Does the rubber inside the hoses break down after time?Also, I have natural gas and a concentrator. Also, after I connect the hoses, do I have to set the oxy concentrator to a specific level? Thank you so much for any help.

Robin Passovoy 2021-07-05 12:38pm

Just to be safe, replace the hoses. It's been my experience that rubber, even unused rubber, will go brittle and crack after 5-10 years or so, and you really don't want that happening where it could potentially explode your house. The torch itself should be fine.

I've never had a little smith torch and don't know its oxy needs, but there are videos on youtube that demonstrate a working setup. Good luck!

Glassbeadlady 2021-07-06 9:32am

Thank you Robin. I will take your advice and replace the hoses.

ESC 2021-07-16 2:51pm

When I'm running my Smith Little Torch off my propane and concentrator, I set the propane at 3 and the oxy at 4.5-4.75. If you're not used to lighting the Smith, back your propane way back at the torch knob to light, and then the oxy. Gradually turn both up til you get the flame you want. If it pops and goes out, turn them both off and try again, only turn them up even lower to begin with.

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