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smkyquartz 2013-11-09 3:10pm

My First Tutorial...Metal Etching including BEADCAPS
Up for sale now in my new ETSY store (StewArt Glass and Gems) is a new tutorial...The exact title of it is "A Comprehensive Guide to the Art of Metal Etching"! What does this have to do with lampworking...Well, included in the tutorial is a 5 page addendum, or mini-tut if you will, all about etching your own custom BEAD CAPS! Also included, besides the mini-tut on BEAD CAPS, is another mini-tut entitled "Yes, You Can Etch on Both Sides" and another small one on making your own dapping, cheap cheap! I mean we want those bead caps to fit the bead properly don't we.

This in-depth tutorial covers metal etching on copper, brass, bronze, nickel silver and sterling silver. Proper use of both types of etchant is discussed at length. This tutorial also includes in-depth instruction on using PnP Blue as a resist for the etching; and instructions on how to import your own custom designs and produce multiples of the design for etching.

The tutorial is 40 pages long and includes many photos taken in my shop. It is downloadable as a .pdf. Included also are 3 pages of copyright free designs...2 for jewelry such as earrings, pendants and bracelets, and one just full of beadcap designs to use right away.

Because it really is an in-depth tutorial (geared toward beginning metal artists) you should be able to etch on any size (within reason) piece of metal from tiny bead caps to plaques. I have even etched album covers. Imagine a nice little etched album to hold those sleeves of silver leaf and foil.

Here is the link to this wonderful new tutorial...

BeadIt 2013-11-09 5:12pm

Fabulous Tutorial!
Carol was kind enough to send me a copy of the tutorial before posting it here. Actually, I should backup. This past summer I posted on LE asking if anyone would be able to make stamped sterling bead caps for a hollow bead I was making. Carol responded and said she could make etched bead caps with my own design. She was so kind and generous with her time and they came out perfectly.

I hope I had a little something to do with encouraging her to write the tutorial. It is so well written, very comprehensive and easy for beginners like me to understand. Even if you know the basics of etching I believe this tutorial will be worthwhile for you to purchase as it contains so many helpful hints. I have purchased a number of tutorials and none compare to the value of this one.

Whether you want to make etched bead caps, bracelets, earrings, whatever...I cannot recommend this tutorial highly enough. Check out the bead caps Carol made for me and the bead I made using them. The photo showing the bead caps by themselves make it appear that the bead caps were not perfectly round. Trust me, they were.

Thanks, Carol!

caliente 2013-11-09 5:47pm

I'm just getting in to making bead caps so you have perfect timing! I picked one up and am off to learn :)

ETA - I've only read the bead cap part so far and it's way cooler than I'd imagined. I had no idea PnP blue even existed! Can't wait to stock up what I need and give it a try.

smkyquartz 2013-11-09 10:18pm

Good luck! So glad that the timing worked out perfectly for you! This is a really exciting adventure for me...I struggle with lampworked beads but love it...I keep buying more Etching was something that came pretty easy. Any questions you have you can always pm me. Will get back to you asap!

smkyquartz 2013-11-09 10:21pm

Thanks Julie for your kind words! Making the bead caps for you was a real pleasure and you did a great job with your beads!!! Thanks so much for posting the pictures! I will be posting more also as I get some more done...anxious now to match all those mismatched beads I have made with some of my etched pieces!!

bexrox 2013-12-04 11:51pm

This looks great, and is on my Christmas wish list!

smkyquartz 2013-12-06 2:03pm

metal etching tut
I think u will enjoy it. If u purchase and have any questions, i am only an email away. Good luck:)

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