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fourpawsglass 2016-12-07 7:04am

Watercolor Style Beads with Julie Couch - Frederick, MD - Mar 4 & 5
Julie Couch will demonstrate how to apply watercolor style designs to the surface of your beads. The technique teaches how to 'paint' with soft glass, mix the colors on the surface of the bead, 'draw' with stringers and apply enamels. The final effect is a loose, painterly style. Through demonstrations, instruction and plenty of hands-on-work, students will have the opportunity to master this technique and hopefully develop it further to reflect their own style. It will be a friendly relaxed environment where Julie hope we will all have fun on our journey together! Julie has been selected as an instructor for The Gathering and Glasscraft event in 2017 teaching this class. This will be a great opportunity to take this class if you aren't going to The Gathering!

The Glass Resort, 6836C English Muffin Way, Frederick, MD. The two-day class (March 4 & 5, 2017) costs $275 and can be purchased online at Send email to for more info.

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