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Gail Joseph 2014-05-10 9:59am

GG Glass Super Secret Frit Blend Recipes coe 96 and coe 90
Are now for sale!!! $25 for the ebook of the coe 96 blends.

The coe 96 ebook shows 85 blends (5 of which were Carolyn's - Blue Healer, so I did not publish the recipes for those).

My blends use Gaffer and Reichenbach frits (with a few Zimmerman/substitutions noted), and mainly size 1.

The coe 90 recipe book sells for $15, but if you buy the two as a bundle, you save $5!

The coe 90 book contains 28 recipes, all using Bullseye frit (mainly medium, some large).

I will not be selling my blends anymore, but many retailers still have some of my blends, and That Frit Girl has purchased resale rights, and will be able to reproduce any coe 90 or 96 blends.

My coe 104 blends will be carried by another vendor (to be announced soon). Click below to go to my etsy site!

Gail Joseph 2014-05-20 11:37am

Also, That Frit Girl is selling many of the colors used in the recipes in small quantities (no need to buy 1/2 kilos!!--Gail

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