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bevadiva 2010-06-10 10:14am

Dellene Peralta @ Eugene Glass School ~ June 26 & 27
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Multi-Dimensional Sculpting with Dichroic
Dellene Peralta $250 + $50 Material fee (non-refundable)
June 26 (Sat) & 27 (Sun), 10am-5pm
Intermediate level

Dellene Peralta, an artist who is well known for her ability to manipulate dichroic and create beautiful and complicated sculptural pieces, will guide students through the process of incasing dichroic and manipulating it into tubing. She will then show students how to use the tubing to create multi-dimensional components. Finally, she will show students how to use the multi-dimensional components to construct their own complex and beautiful sculptural pieces.

Dellene Peralta is one of the foremost female glass artists in the Pacific Northwest. She began her successful career in 1996 in the areas of kiln building, functional glass art, and glass sculpture. In 2002 Dellene was the 1st place winner in the 1st annual flame off in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She has competed and placed in the 2003-2006 flame off competitions in her hometown of Eugene, Oregon. She went on to win another 1st place in the 2005 Northstar competition. In the summer of 2007 Dellene was invited to the 2nd annual women’s flame off in Philadelphia, where she won yet another 1st award for her elaborate and eclectic sculpture. Her work on these projects was featured in both Flow and Glass Art magazines. In 2006 Dellene was invited to the prestigious Studio Morio in Kyoto, Japan. Here she gave demos in dichro and honeycomb techniques. While in Japan she worked with Roger Paramore, who started lampworking classes at the University of Osaka. In addition to being a strong competitor and teacher, Dellene is also featured in 2 videos from Dichroic Alchemy. Self taught in dichroic, she coated all Dichroic Alchemy color with Northstar color in 2003. Her work is featured on their website. Dellene’s evolution as and artist is gaining momentum. Mother of son Zion, she teaches private lessons from her home studio. She is available for demos, classes, and custom orders.

Eugene Glass School
575 Wilson Street
Eugene OR 97402

Telephone : (541) 342-2959
Fax : (541) 342-2924

email :

bevadiva 2010-06-10 12:51pm

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Just wanted to add another pic of Dellene's work

deb c 2010-06-27 8:54am

Hey everyone, Dellene is SO amazing, really sweet and a fantastic teacher....if you get the chance (and the super low price helps!) take the class, you will be amazed!
Hugs, deb ;)

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