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GLASSFREEK 2014-04-25 3:09pm

The Glass Hive Thank You for Your Support Sale!
Lock in your sale prices before the end of May 2nd. A short window for tall savings.

We have gotten lots of emails asking when our next sale would go live. Thanks to your urging, that time is now! It has been too long, I think Christmas was our last sale. You guys have been keeping us very busy, we thank you for that. This sale is good for full purchase kilns or layaway plans alike.

This is a FB and Forum sale, meaning the web page will not reflect the sale pricing. I will invoice the sale prices for you. We are shopping for a new host since we now have to speak HTML to do any editing on the page. You can email to
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Here’s the sale price list:
Short Guy- $550 plus free shipping ($95 in savings)
Regular Guy- $685 plus free shipping ($145 in savings)
Wide Guy- $895 plus free shipping ($165 in savings)

One free set of punti doors ($60 value)
Free adjustable rod rest ($150 value)
Guillotine door adds on are also reduced by $50
That makes the total savings $260 on any custom in the sale period.

Retail quotes already out there, without a prior discount applied, can take advantage of the sale as well. With sizes ranging so widely in the custom arena, this is the most direct way to pass on savings.

Economy Guys are being held at the introductory price through this sale, and then will return to normal retail price.

9” Economy Guy- $400 plus $45 shipping with infinite control switch and pyrometer

12” Economy Guy- $600 plus actual shipping cost (average of $65-$120 depending on location) with infinite control and pyrometer.

Fuji Controllers can be added to either build for $235 at the time of the build.
We would gladly add a punti door for you at no extra cost during the sale period ($60 savings).

The sale prices also apply to our layaway plan. No interest, no due dates, no deadlines, no minimum payments. It is your plan as long as you need it. We do lock in your sale prices with your first payment. There are no refunds on layaway plans. Just let me know the amount you’d like to start with, and I'll send you a detailed invoice of your kiln reservation with that payment.

Happy Spring Glassing!

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GLASSFREEK 2014-05-01 8:52am

only a few more days :)

Pat Dunphy 2014-05-01 9:29am

These are great kilns at a great price. Fire brick, not fabric lined and the sale price is less than a chilipepper! I bought a Regular Guy during their last sale, very we'll built kiln and excellent support.

ginger2 2014-05-03 9:22am

Terrific kilns! I bought one of the big name brand kilns when I first started lampworking & it was a lemon. After years of dealing with a "pita" kiln, I treated myself to a Glass Hive & I've not had one single problem. (I've been using mine heavily for over 1yr)
You cannot go wrong with a kiln built by Michael & Pam.

Die_Wooly 2014-05-03 10:55am

Just got an amazing price on a decked out Regular Guy. So excited. As a new lampworker, 145 in savings is huge. Couldn't have asked for a better situation. Thanks to Mike & Pam! Too excited for my new oven

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