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yonil 2019-08-14 11:44am

CIM Glass Heads Up- many colors will be discontinued
I'm relaying this info with permission from Joy Munshower, who has been in contact with Kathy from CIM:

"Hi there glassy bead peeps!!! I was at the Frantz BASH this last weekend and got to chat with Kathy Brash, CEO at CiM. She emailed me the list of the "keeper" colors for 2020-on. Anything NOT on list is either discontinued or won't be made again until current stock is gone and demand requires a remelt. There will still be "limited runs" and "uniques" but the standard color list is changing based on current demand and chemical/heavy metal/rare earth composition. Kathy is reformulating some of the colors to make them safer to mix, melt and use just like Effetre and Double Helix have done. I think the next shipment is due to dock in a few months.

2020 CiM Glass Standards List:

511101 Maraschino

511128 Sangre

511204 Peachy Keen

511229 Clockwork

511241 Creamsicle

511277 Phoenix

511346 Ghee

511351 Stone Ground remelts have not been successful, may melt Yellow Brick Road or Painted Hills instead

511402 Celadon

511430 Elphaba

511448 Dirty Martini

511449 Kryptonite

511450 Chartreuse Ltd Run

511465 Oobleck Ltd Run

511475 Commando

511476 Olive

511482 Mojito

511487 Poison Apple

511497 Appletini

511505 French Blue

511508 Leaky Pen

511509 Poseidon

511519 Glacier

511529 Frost

511531 Lapis

511534 Aegean

511543 Sapphire

511563 Pulsar or Azure? Haven't decided which

511568 Fremen

511569 Smurfy

511586 Mermaid

511589 Zachary

511628 Wisteria Ltd Run

511632 Thai Orchid Thai Orchid / Grape Ape / Evil Queen / Poi too much crossover, havenít decided which to keep

511660 Crocus

511701 Ginger either Ginger or BP, one at a time

511703 Butter Pecan

511722 Canyon de Chelly

511820 Hades

511834-S04 Clear

511835 Peace

511872 Tuxedo

511904 Gelly's Sty

511926 Cranberry Pink"

rainygrrl 2019-08-30 3:38pm

Thanks Yonil!

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