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SoulMastaDef 2014-10-23 10:08pm

Homefill Whip for Sale?
hey there everyone, im about to purchase a homefill setup but dont have a whip or know how to build one, im not very handy. iv came across one online its rather expensive tho, was wondering if anyone could perhaps build a whip like this one in this video iv read in the comments section below on how to do it, and where to get all parts, just i live in canada and all of the websites that sell the parts i need to build it are extremely expensive to be shipped to me and im not quite shure on what store i could go to localy for them, like i said im not very handy.. lol. in the video, her setup is filling a tank while she is using another. or mabe there both being filled. im not shure but this setup is great in my eyes and would love to be able to have it. i would settle for just a single tank being filled. but two would be optimal. any thoughts or info you would like to share to this would be awsome.

SoulMastaDef 2014-11-05 7:20am

ive found one. thanks

admanlove 2017-09-08 5:03am

homefill whip
can i ask where you got your homefill whip and how much? looking for one right now. thanks

PennyLane 2017-09-08 5:34am

I was told they are not making Homefills anymore. Any truth?

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