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I can relate to that. I see peole all the time think noise = heat if there torch is louder then anouther they think its hotter. When its just louder.

I had a check valve on my pro4 get stuck once in the bitter cold. it was causing the holding tank to fill with nitrogen. at first glance it seemd like the roch was rageing. But the delta was hardly getting a pcs of rod soft enought to bend. But boy was it loud. I know there are blowers that would swear it was a hot flame even if it took for ever to melt the glass.

I see peepol have there pressurse set so high they get the same thing going on where they are just making a lot more noise and a lot less heat but swear they are torching hotter.

I know on my redmax if I turn the o2 up past 30 psi it takes alot longer to melt the same sized pcs of glass but yet its a lot louder.

I see it with GTTs is some one is used to working on anouther torch they try to crank up the pressure to try and make the gtt run as lound as they can get it and because its stil hotter then what ever torch they used to work on they think they are gaining some thing. and have no idea how hot it really can be if they tame the pressure down a lil bit.

Its like a teen ager with some POS car that has no muffler. they think they have some fast hotrod when its just loud.

So I could see some one swearing a fish pump pumping n2 in to the mix is making there torch SEEM like its rageing when its infact cooling the flame.
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