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The only thing tho is a rix compresser cost about 5 grand. More then a huge o2 genarater set up. The rix also needs maintance. a few times a year if you use it a lot. And the rix is not meant to filling a compleatly empty tank as much as its meant for topping off a tank that is not all the way full. Scuba divers use them to add nitrogen and o2 to scuba tanks for nitrox diving. But they are consided one of the lower end dive compressers by a lot of scuba divers that fill there own tanks. There considered to be POS from any reviews I have read form divers that use em.

Inless some had to have there tanks portable for taking to anouther location. and bug industral o2 gen is the way to go. for the $$

My onsite pro8 has a 60 gallon holding tank that fills up to 60psi then it shuts off. and turns back on when the tank drops to 45 psi
It makes the equivlent of a K tank worth of o2 about every 3 hours.
So I get all the o2 I and meghan can use. out of it and it don't have to be stripped down and rebuilt every few months.
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