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Default Taaa Daaaa!!!

The Christmas Wish list drawing is over.

My neighbor lady came over this morning for coffee while I was cutting the names apart and I explained to her "in my rusty Spanish", what I was doing. She doesn't speak a word of english so we have a slight barrier that we are overcoming, but she is precious to me.

Anyway, I asked her if she would like to help by drawing the name and gift for me and she was tickled to do so.

Before I announce the winner of the Christmas wish list, I want to thank everyone who participate in my "Christmas Wish List" drawing and a special thanks to those who gave from their hearts to others who could not otherwise afford to do so.

With this being said,
We have a Winner
, but the winners wish list was so small that I have decided to draw two gifts for her from her wish list.
Also, I am going to draw a name just from those who bought for someone else out of such kindness during the Holiday season. I will announce those as well.

We had 11 actual participants and 17 entries because a few people purchased one or more of the tutorial to give to others.

So, Are you ready to find out who WON in both catagories???

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