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Originally Posted by Trey Cornette View Post
I have built a system that utilizes 2 M-20 concentrators, a laboratory vacuum compressor and a 29 gallon holding tank. I compress the o2 up to 100psi. The system shuts off at 100 psi and turns on at 80 psi. This system lets me run a Phantom or a Barracuda at 100% for well over 2 hours at full blast!. Thatís plenty of time to complete most projects. On a full day of work I have never run out of O2 as I rarely utilized 100% output for extended periods. Usually a project is broken up into periods of variable amounts of O2 use so when I am doing detail work with a small flame the system is building back up to 100% and shutting off.

Why deal with going to Tank pressures of 2000psi + when 100psi will do.
I have purposely not published how to build this system due to liability issues and the dangers of mixing high pressure O2 and oil.
For those interested a large glass tool and supply company is currently working with this design to test the feasibility of creating it for the market. If all hold true to projections I would expect to see them on the market within a year.

I have been running this unit since January and it seems to be holding up well. I canít wait to score a Mirage and see how it performs with it.
I agree with Trey, Why deal with the dangerous 2000+ psi from a system that is questionable at best, when all you need is 100 to 140 psi to run anything in the torch world. With a concentrator that was designed to run 24/7 right from the get go. The Home fill system was designed to fill small tanks like E cylinders and Ds. Noone knows if these things are safe for K tanks. Then you have that ugly fact that if something does go wrong, Who will rebuild it? You can buy the Homefill units all day from HomeHealth Care Companies for 700.00 to 1200.00. Take out the quick connect, go the Lowes for some brass and poof you have a 4000.00 machine. Rix may be more expensive but, they have 60 years of experience not just a few months. A lot of thought and testing went into the unit that Trey is using. And it will run forever. No need to lay awake at night wondering which part of your house will disappear off the map if something goes wrong. Good luck with it Trey

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