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The only reason tanks are filled to 2200+ psi is space. This is so a small vessel can hold a large volume of oxygen - something to consider when you need to transport the vessel around, which is not usually a requirement for most studios. If you can have a larger storage tank, then you don't need to compress the oxygen as much.

Torches generally do not require very high pressures to run them. When you set high pressures on a tank regulator, all that is doing is keeping the regulator open enough to pass the volume needed for the torch. You need a certain amount of push to get the oxygen to all the jets and push through the restrictions along the way, but that threshold is not very high. You can run a Mirage, for instance, to about 95% of full capacity with the line pressure reading 13-14 psi, provided you have enough flow.

Trey's system and Jack's/Tom's system and some of the other systems coming to market soon would be a lot safer, in my opinion, than a system that takes the pressure up to anything over about 300 psi. That's the magic number where dangerous things can happen unexpectedly.

I might even suggest to Ryan that if he could use his set-up with a larger holding tank and fill it to a lower psi, instead of using the K tanks - that would be safer than what he is set up to do now.

Oh, and no matter what... the oxygen that you get out of these tank fill set-ups is only going to be as pure as the concentrator that feeds them can put out. If you have to lower the LPM on your machine to get better purity, it might take longer to fill the tank, but you will get more heat.
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