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Default The Hurricane

The Hurricane is made with the highest grade of molecular sieve available. Most medical grade 5lpm units, use a grade of sieve called oxy 5 or 1006 or 5 angstrm which is a size rating on the bead. 1 bead also has hundreds of minute holes which are a certian size to trap nitrogen molecules. There is another grade of sieve which is called oxy 7 or 1207. This is more refined with more holes and is coated with Lithium. Under high pressures, the Lithium will take on a positive charge which will help attract the nitrogen molecules. When the sieve bed system switches, the pressure briefly drops and the nitrogen is released and forced out of the bed. Every Hurricane is built with the oxy 7 sieve. The cost of the oxy 7 is 21.00 per pound vs the 4.50 per pound for the oxy 5. These units have been tried and tested for years. Sure there have been very few breakdowns, but given the hundreds that are out there working, I think they are a great product. Each unit is now hand built by me. I know every item that goes in to building one. Yes, the compressors are rebuilt, and the sieve bed (aluminum cannister) is reused. But the items that are critical, are replaced. The wiring is tested and proven as are the switches. There are 2 compressors, each compressor has it's own cooling fan. New hoses are installed. I have noticed that the hose that I use, sometimes gets hard after a few years of use and the high heat. These compressors do run very hot. Cooling them has always been a challenge. Usually when someone comes along to offer a simular unit, they will immediately start dissing the competition. I dont mind, but seems to me that the only people who comes to this and most forums, are out for someone or something and it is usually negitive. By-the-way, since the above post ended with a plug for self service, I will end mine the same way. The Hurricane will soon be available as 2 separate snap together units. It will work as 1 as it always has, then you will be able to split the Hurricane in to 2 seperate units for 2 or more torches. jack

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