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Usually when someone comes along to offer a simular unit, they will immediately start dissing the competition. I dont mind, but seems to me that the only people who comes to this and most forums, are out for someone or something and it is usually negitive.
I don't see anyone coming on here "out for something or someone." No one has hurled insults at anyone. No one has made any threats. The main "negativity" in this thread has been the disappointment and frustration expressed by some people in regards to their machines not working and needing repair.

This thread has been one discussing the problems a few people have been having with the Hurricane. Sadly, threads like these are not uncommon. I see the frustration from a lot of people who spend a lot of money on a machine that should be simple to use and maintain and wind up with... something else. I have also heard from people who, after having a bad experience with one of the units made by you or your brother, are ready to give up on concentrators/generators all together and go back to tanked oxygen.

I want people to know that the problems that have been reported by people using these machines is NOT the industry norm. There are alternatives out there. And now, those alternatives are more affordable than they were previously. If your machines are the best things going and you're selling hundreds and hundreds of them, then you have nothing to worry about from me mentioning that reliable alternatives are available.

I did not come out and start up a thread dissing my competition. I am on this forum day in and day out helping where I can. I have been doing this (here and on other glass boards) for a long time - before I ever became a vendor. There's no reason to stop offering advice now.
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