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Originally Posted by castaway View Post
exactly, the bottles are indestructible, no argument there, but you need to go and talk to the women in their studios and see how they get on with handling them, it's not the bottle I'm worried about it's the people, not all of us are 6foot 2 and built of muscle, we are talking about two different things here, you about how strong the bottle is and I about how dangerous they are to people and a shorter wider bottle can hold exactly the same amount of gas as the tall thin bottle it's all in the proportions, most of the problem is that that's how they were made last century so that is how they make them today, everything can be improved.
once again your not listening...I never lift a fraction of that weight when i bring them to fill. Have your gas supplier teach you how to handle the bottles. falacies and misinformation grow quickly here.
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