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Originally Posted by menty666 View Post
Oxygen tanks are far safer than most people think. The risk does mostly come from their weight, but again, you don't pick them up. On smooth ground you can do the tilt and roll, and for rougher ground strap it to a hand truck like I do.

Mythbusters did an episode where they tested to see if an oxygen cylinder could go through a cinder block wall, and it did. But they had to go to some pretty extraordinary measures to get the valve to break off in some a way that it did it.

If they're too heavy overall, get smaller tanks; you don't *need* to get the largest size.

And saying women can't handle them is an insult to women. Frankly, I was shocked to see that.

As for a round sphere, these are industrial tanks, they're not *designed* with the home user in mind. Making them round would massively increase the space needed to store them and drive up prices.
I know petite women who transport Ts....It is an insult to women.
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