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Originally Posted by Lampwork49 View Post
This is going to sound a little strange as I have been lampworking for many years. I have just not worked with with tubing. But here is the question: do you have to leave an opening when you are making ornaments. Or can the bulb be sealed. Like if you want to pull the glass on top to make the loop
I don't want to take anything away from Patienthand - I am very familiar with her skills and when going down this post, I interpreted all the comments about blowouts to be in reference to blowing out the initial form. So my 2 cp is blow a hole. I haven't seen her tut, but her skills are top notch so in terms of creating a hole in the ornament for loops or not - DO whatever the recommendation is in the tutorial - Her ornaments are impeccable so I would follow her advice. Having said that - may need to go buy that tutorial or at least put it on my Santa wish list!!! /wink

Guess it really depends on how they are built - I assumed the last thing that goes on is the loop. If you heat up that big bubble on top too much and no hole - issues.

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