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I'm getting dizzy. I think I need some more oxygen.

I look at Axxxx Sxxxxxx (retailer) cataloge and find...
"The M-10 produces 8 LPM for small torches.
The M-20 produces 10 LPM for larger torches."

Then I take a look at Gxxxxxxxxxx Gxxxx (retailer)...
"The P-10 ($xxx.00) unit concentrates 8-9 LPM at 10-12 PSI.
The P-20 ($xxx.00) has a flow of 10 LPM at 20 PSI..."

Then I read a "Seller"'s post...
"The company has already released the M-10 and M-20. Those are 10 LPM units. The M-10 is 10 PSI and the M-20 is 20 PSI."

Then the most recent post by, I'm assuming, the "Maker"...
(reorganized for clarity)
New... 0705 - Stock, no Mods (07 PSI?; 5 LPM?)
M10 is now the... 1005 - 10 PSI; 5 LPM
New... 1510 - 15 PSI; 10 LPM
M20 is now the... 2010 - 20 PSI; 10 LPM
New... 2015 - 20 PSI; 15 LPM
Psyclone II - by special order

If I bought the P10/M10/1005 (whatever)... what would I really be getting in terms of psia, lpm, and purity%/lpm? Is there an official chart? I tried to find the maker's website... but no luck googling for Unlimited Oxygen (unless a rock band counts).

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