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Originally Posted by MythBuster
I'm getting dizzy. I think I need some more oxygen.

I look at Axxxx Sxxxxxx (retailer) cataloge and find...
"The M-10 produces 8 LPM for small torches.
The M-20 produces 10 LPM for larger torches."

Then I take a look at Gxxxxxxxxxx Gxxxx (retailer)...
"The P-10 ($xxx.00) unit concentrates 8-9 LPM at 10-12 PSI.
The P-20 ($xxx.00) has a flow of 10 LPM at 20 PSI..."

Then I read a "Seller"'s post...
"The company has already released the M-10 and M-20. Those are 10 LPM units. The M-10 is 10 PSI and the M-20 is 20 PSI."

Then the most recent post by, I'm assuming, the "Maker"...
(reorganized for clarity)
New... 0705 - Stock, no Mods (07 PSI?; 5 LPM?)
M10 is now the... 1005 - 10 PSI; 5 LPM
New... 1510 - 15 PSI; 10 LPM
M20 is now the... 2010 - 20 PSI; 10 LPM
New... 2015 - 20 PSI; 15 LPM
Psyclone II - by special order

If I bought the P10/M10/1005 (whatever)... what would I really be getting in terms of psia, lpm, and purity%/lpm? Is there an official chart? I tried to find the maker's website... but no luck googling for Unlimited Oxygen (unless a rock band counts).

Hey Buster, you are sure right. There has been some confusion that is slow to correct. We have distributors from Cali to Fla. Some distributors are opperating on older info, some on thier own, and some even use their own lables. It is really hard for us to maintain the info as it should be. Also, we are to blame for the slow updating for our distributors. The M10 is 10 psi at 5 lpm. I really dont know where the P came from. This is exactly why we recently gave the whole line up part numbers. Your last entry is correct. I apologize for the confusion. I will try harder to get the latest and correct-est info out to all our distributors immediately. We have had someone working on our web site for over 6 months now. I think it is time to find someone else to get it done. jack
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