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Not even close.

You need 8 times that cfm with even the very best designed Bailey box and a 6 foot vent duct above the roof of the garage and no wind outside at all.

This really is very important.
You will be decorating the inside of you lungs with the fumes from all those wonderful colors.

We have extensive conversations about how much is needed and how to figure out what you need for your situation.

Each persons needs is going to be different and it is a little difficult to trudge through the details but you only have to figure it out once.

Good luck and please keep asking questions.

We learned about the hazards of this stuff by reading the documented illnesses of folks that have been doing it wrong for decades.
They often paid the ultimate price so we could learn not to injure ourselves.
So, What Do We Do Now? We continue to try to make a difference when and where we can. Because that's what we do.
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