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Default Oxygen concentrator

Hi there,

Just looking for some guidance and wanting to buy an oxygen concentrator. They are very expensive to buy in New Zealand, but I have seen this one that I can order from Banggood….never bought from them before. Has anyone bought one 7L-Oxygen-Concentrator-Generator-Portable-Oxygen
Net weight: 6.5kg
Power: 120W
Power supply: 220±22V
Frequency: 50Hz±1Hz
Oxygen flow rate: 1-7l/min
Compressor: oil-free compressor
Molecular sieve: oxygen molecular sieve

Negative ion purification upgrade filter.
Eight-layer innovative filteration system.
Stable oxygen supply day and night.
HD large screen touch.
Intelligent voice broadcast.
Independent mute.
Support double oxygen inhalation.
The concentration of seamlessoxidized aluminum alloy molecular sieve can reach 93%.
One machine for dual use. Oxygen interface & atomization interface.
5m remote control design.
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