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Default Kiln prices

Hello everyone!
I am currently in a search of a good kiln. My main purpose is bead annealing and maybe ocassional fusing. My top choice is Paragon SC-2, and I found the cheapest I could - on Sundance. But the thing is... I wrote to them in order to find our the shipping cost to Ukraine and if they could write a less of a price on the box(the border fee would kill me) - and the only thing they replied, that they don't do that. No hello or anything, and nothing about shipping cost. And then I wrote almost the same to Mountain glass - and got back a warm and informational letter with everything I needed and some follow-up questions to better fit my order. And now I;m confused. Help?
What also confused me, is how much lower the price is at Sundance. It's only 620$, when everywhere else it's at least 750. Any tips, guys?
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