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Default Lynx vs. cheetah, Are upgrades as simple as they say?

Hi all,
I've been interested in glass work for some time, and have been researching for the past month or so, doing a lot of reading on this website and others. My main barrier to actually getting set up with this stuff is cost- there's a lot to swallow up front. One of those is of course a torch. I'm really struggling thinking about a torch selection, and I'm worried about not being able to work as big as I want. From my reading it sounds as though I have a few options-

1.) small torch now, upgrade later.
A lot of what I see has people recommending to start with a lynx, and then upgrade to a phantom or mirage. Everyone says gtt's hold their value like crazy and I would have no issue selling the first torch. Is this really true? Also, what are the "max working size" if you will, of a lynx vs a phantom?

2.) mid range torch now, sacrifice some detail.
The cheetah seems well liked enough, and I've talked to people who owned them saying they can get a pencil point flame, but not quite pinpoint. I've never done any glass work, but do you really ever need that pinpoint flame? Watching kobuki demos on YouTube, I see him laying stringers in what appears to be a bushy somewhat reducing flame. His work seems plenty detailed for me. The cheetah's max flame also seems comparable to the phantom's, so is this a reasonable alternative if I don't think I need the pinpoint flame?

3.) big torch now.
Obviously the sensible choice if not for price. Still trying to see if I could swing it, but I doubt it.

Sorry to be so long-winded, but I'm sure everyone understands how daunting all of this seems at the beginning. Sorry again if most of this has been asked before, I've tried to do all the reading I can about this stuff and most of the threads I find just don't seem to come to any resolution or consensus.

Thanks a lot for any help!
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