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I don't think I have much new to add, but I'm in a similar garage set-up. I set up a hood, which vents out the window. An electrician added two circuits for me--one just for the kiln, and one for whatever other power I might want, next to the torch.

Ventilation can cause negative pressure, impacting your water heater, so you will want to be extra vigilant about having plenty of make-up air coming in. Regardless of season, I end up keeping the garage door open, so make-up air can passively enter the room.

Fire department mandated that my propane be stored outside.

I torched in the garage last winter, and I got a heated vest online which helps keep me pretty warm. Still plenty of breaks to thaw out, though. The glass definitely is sensitive to the cold and more temperamental. Also, I think the base temperature that my kiln (Paragon Bluebird XL) needs to run properly is something like 30 or 32F, so a few times I had to run a space heater just long enough to bring that area to that temp. Then I could turn on the kiln, and once it got cranking that area would be warm enough to not have an issue or need the space heater anymore.
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