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Raimond is in Southern California. You may get replies from people on the East Coast who purchased this tubing.

Depending on how much you want, here is a post from CraftWeb by Joe Pfeifer of American Specialty Glass who may still be able to get the tubing in bulk:

I believe that this tubing was originally sold to Solyndra, the (former) solar panel manufacturing company. It is not quite as long as the regular Schott AR glass tubes (I'm away from home, I believe they are 40" long) and is apparently extra heavy wall. Schott 22mm AR-GLAS usually comes with wall thicknesses of 0.8mm, 1.0mm, and 1.2mm. These are 1.5mm; however, when compared to 22mm borosilicate tubing, this would be thin or normal thickness. Another point of reference is that 28mm Glaskolben have a wall thickness of 1.0mm and 40mm Glaskolben have a wall thickness of 1.5mm.

The cartons weigh between 42 and 45 pounds, without extra packaging. (The carton packaging is what is pictured in the Garage Sale thread.)

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