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Default Ugly LP tank--camoflage

I have always hated having an ugly LP tank sitting just outside my studio. I have a nice setup. The propane hose runs from the exterior, through the studio wall.

The studio doors are sliding-glass and 7 foot wide. I am fortunate that they bring so much natural light into the studio space, but was bummed that my otherwise serene backyard view, included an unsightly tank.

I just recently took out, and replaced, a 12-foot section of weathered cedar fence. I saved the fence pickets thinking I might build planter boxes. Well, I built one giant planter box for my sunflower crop and STILL had wood leftover.
So, I had the bright idea to build a quasi-cover for the propane tank.

It's nothing fancy. But, it sure makes things look so much nicer. There is no bottom in the tank "box." And, there is a 1.5" gap around the bottom. (It has very short legs.) In case there ever was a LEAK, the propane could escape out the box bottom and the top. From the photos, you can see I also left the top partially open. Those top planks are not attached. I just lift one to turn on the valve. I can also monitor LP pressure from inside the studio by looking at the gauge, through the door.

I should have done this LONG ago! So simple.

I used four 2x4 pieces for the corners. They are 21.5" (tall). The side planks are 4" wide and 15" long. I used five planks per side, except on the back panel. I only used leave space for the gauge and hose to protrude.

Yes, that's a pool noodle covering my propane hose to protect it from UV deterioration. I slit one side of the noodle to open it lengthwise. Slipped it over the hose, and fastened it in place with zip ties. I remove the noodle cover twice a year and check the hose for cracks and discoloration. So far, it has been doing a GREAT job.

Let me know if you have questions!

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