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Default Are Hydroponics Glasses good Alternatives to Didymium Safety Glasses

I work with a hot head torch and have no current plans to change. Last week I was told that I have beginning cataracts. Sucks! But mostly I want to protect my eyes against further damage. I have been using UV protective goggles, but I want something a bit more protective against sodium flare.

Problem is, I can't see well in dim light. Can't even drive at night. The didymium glasses are too dark for me to work.

Has anyone tried using Hydroponic / Grow-Light glasses instead?

These glasses are made to block the harsh yellow light emitted from the High Pressure Sodium lighting used in commercial grow rooms. They also give UVA/B/C protection and are anti-glare.

For me the benefit is that they are not as dark as the didymium glasses, which allows me to see what I am doing. Since I do not need the serious protection with a hot head torch, I'm willing to give them a try rather than quitting this hobby that I am passionate about.

Plus, the price is a fraction of the didymium glasses, which I can't find many that fit over my bi-focals. $15 for a decent poly-carbonate pair.

Does anyone else try these? What do you guys think?

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