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Originally Posted by De Anza Art Glass Club View Post
OK, I'll be more forceful. I'm sure the problem is with IR and I'll provide a link next time if I have to look it up. No further comment on UV.

In fact, I believe that the sodium flare is more of a nuisance and an impediment to seeing detail on your work rather than being harmful. There are hothead workers who do detail work that does not produce the sodium flare, and often you see them working without dydimium for that reason, when they still should be using IR filter glasses.

When didymium glasses were first used, all they did was cut sodium flare. If you read evaluations by glass eyewear makers, they say that the old style didymium without IR protection are not recommended. However, "didymium" has become a generic term for lampworking glasses that filter the sodium flare and modern glasses do filter IR.
I will second this. De Anza is not stressing it forcefully enough. I was on my way to a bucket of medications and a close relationship with a neurologist. I had horrific vomiting from pain piercing headaches. No clear cause because even when I saw my optician, they were more concerned about my computer use. They never understood what I did. On my own, I went with Mike from Auralens. I invested in the clear IR filtration.

The Angels sang. I can't say enough about that clear IR filter. It is heads and shoulders above the basic didys. Mine are a very light, lavender color. I can tell a difference in tint when looking around the world, but not light. My older non-IR darker didys weren't protecting me as much as the lighter, IR lenses.

I love mine and I am glad someone else is making the remarks that IR filtration is so important.

Wales has a better price than Mike. I'm not trying to say Mike is the one you need. It's just the one I found first. The important factor is, Wales or Auralens... Get the IR filter.

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