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Default Baking Soda Finish

I have a question. I've made beads over the years that I thought would be fun to roll in baking soda as a finish before putting them in the kiln. I usually make the shape of the bead, roll it in baking soda, stick it in the flame for the residual soda to burn off, then put it in the kiln. And that all works great! The beads look like lava beads, they are awesome. BUT.... I've noticed that they seem to flake, shed, become dusty with minute particles of glass dust. I believe this is because the surface of the bead is compromised by the backing soda. I'd like to make more of these and sell them, but I don't want them to arrive in a bag of dusty glass to the new owner. And besides, wearing glass beads like that can't be safe.
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